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book, music, and lyrics by
Creighton Irons and Sean Mahoney

A new American Rock Musical about the mill girls of Lowell, Massachusetts, FACTORY GIRLS tells the story of labor revolutionary Sarah Bagley and her fight for a 10-hour workday in a newly industrialized nation.

The Moon and the Sea

book by Douglas Lyons

music and lyrics by Creighton Irons

Together, Erin and Charlie witness a miracle: the moon leaves the sky and enters the sea, filling the waves with a brilliant silver light. Five years later, they come back to the shore with the hope of seeing the miracle again.

Homefront poster

book by Craig Slaight
music and lyrics by Creighton Irons

The year is 1917: World War I and the Flu Pandemic rage. Emma Kolemeir and siblings are sent to America to escape the war, and are met with love and vicious resistance in their new American town.

BoomChick, Baby


With Eric Davis and the 7-yr crew

The year is 2050, and an intergalactic cruise ship has been stranded in space. All passengers have been safely shuttled back to earth; only the house band remains, who have yet to pay off their bar tab...

Boomtown, TN


by Creighton Irons & Dawn Landes

Based on interviews with residents of Old Hickory, TN, this heartfelt show tells the story of small town America and the ties that bind neighbors together. Produced with a Nashville Metro Arts Thrive Grant



book by Chisa Hutchinson 
(in progress)

The journey of disgraced track star Marion Jones...

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